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by Legal Training - Saturday, 5 January 2008, 5:40 PM
Have you noticed the changes when you login? We have updated the website so that the "My Registered Courses" box shows you at a glance whether you have completed each course and the date that you did so. If you click on the word "Completed" then you will find a Completion Certificate, should you wish to have something to print out and file with your CPD Record. You will of course continue to receive a copy of the e-mail notification sent to Dawn Elvy at the Bar Standards Board confirming that you have successfully completed each course. Don't forget that invoices are available online for each course purchased.

You have probably noticed that we have increased our prices this year from £12 per hour to £14 per hour. This increase is more than we would have liked, but unfortunately the Bar Standards Board have introduced a larger fee structure for accredited CPD providers, and we have inevitably had to pass on some of that increased cost. However, we have tried our hardest to remain very competitively priced for online courses and represent excellent value for training which can be done whenever and wherever you like. We believe that we still offer the best value for online training, and also the most accessible training, with no membership fees and instant access to all of your training when you need it (as so many of you discovered on New Year's Eve!).

We are working with the Bar Standards Board on having our 2008 courses accredited and up and running in the next few weeks. In the meantime the 2007 courses are completely valid for 2008 points for those of you who are early starters, and they can still be taken to top up those 2007 CPD points for those of you who may be running a little behind. The FAQ section of the Bar Standards Board website should help you if you need to request extra time to complete your 2007 courses.
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by Legal Training - Thursday, 27 December 2007, 10:04 PM

We wanted to make it easier for you to contact us, so Legal Training now has a new phone number for you to call us on. We could have gone for an 0845 number without any cost to us, or even an 0870 number and made some money out of it, but we wanted to make things more customer friendly. For that reason, we decided to spend a bit more money and go for a geographic number, so it's cheaper for you to call, especially from a mobile. The number is 0207 5588 247. Since we are an internet provider, we also wanted to give you access to call us from your computer, so if you use Skype just click here Skype Me™! to call us for free!

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by Legal Training - Thursday, 27 December 2007, 3:52 AM
Well, whilst our (hopelessly optimistic) predictions for a white Christmas failed miserably yet again, we hope that the snow on our site will continue to be a minor online consolation, and bring a smile to your face as you finish off your 2007 CPD points.

Just a quick reminder that we are here every day for you to complete those final CPD points this year. With instant access to the courses and swift notification of successful completion of your points to the Bar Standards Board, we hope that our courses continue to meet your needs over the festive period.

If you need to contact us, then do drop us an e-mail to and we will see what we can do to help.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas (or what is left of it) and best wishes for a Happy New Year!
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by Legal Training - Wednesday, 5 December 2007, 1:56 AM
It can't have escaped your notice that we have dressed our site up for Christmas. In the past we put a couple of bits of holly on the page and thought that was festive enough, but this year we have invested in some artificial snow, some of which has landed on our logo. The falling snow is only on the home page, so it won't get in the way of your courses, and if it really annoys you, you can turn it off - look for the Stop Snow link at the top right.

Christmas is also our busiest time of the year. We know that many of you have just a few remaining CPD points to get, and we believe that we offer an ideal way of getting those points before time runs out. We also know that some of you have all of your points still to get! Not to worry - we have plenty of courses available, so you can complete everything online with us, without setting foot outside in the real snow! We'll be here every single day until the end of the year. We haven't had anyone do a course on Christmas Day so far, but we have had quite a lot every other day. Some of you were even working right into the evening on New Years Eve last year.

So, if the in-laws drive you mad and you do feel like doing a course on Christmas Day this year, we'll even be here then too.
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by Legal Training - Wednesday, 21 November 2007, 5:17 PM

For several years now, we have accepted PayPal as a form of online payment for our courses. It's a relatively simple way of paying, and integrates well with our site. We do know that one or two people have had difficulties with using PayPal though. While we are always happy to walk people through the process, or even accept a cheque if the process is too difficult, we did want to provide people with another option for paying.

Google Checkout was launched recently in the UK, with a similar model to PayPal. The key difference with Google Checkout is that you can have a single account with a trusted provider (Google), and you don't need to register with multiple different web sites when you buy from them. You just enter your details once, and Google takes care of the rest. That means that when someone comes to Legal Training to buy a course, we can re-use the information that they have already entered in to Google to short cut the registration process. It's not particularly labour saving for shopping at just one site, but if you are shopping for Christmas presents too, you will find an increasing number of other internet sites accepting Google Checkout, and the time savings will soon add up.

When we saw the benefits of Google Checkout, we decided it was something that we wanted to offer to our customers too, so we spent quite lot of development effort building an integration from our site to Google Checkout. We'd encourage you to give it a go, and if you have any feedback, please let us know at

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