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Answers to many frequently asked questions can be found here .


It may be that you need some specific help with using this website. Here is a detailed set of instructions on how to log in and use this site - either scroll down, or click on the heading to go directly to the relevant section.

Getting Started

1. Accessing the Site
2. Course Information - Choosing a Course
3. Registering
4. Purchasing a Course
5. The Course
6. Other

1. Accessing the site

To access the site, type the address in to your web browser. This will take you to our home page, which looks like this:


Don't worry if the colours on the screen are a little different when you come to the site - we sometimes change the appearance of the site a little to make it more usable, but the contents on the screen will remain the same.

If you're a returning user and have forgotten your password. Simply click on the "Forgotten Password" link under the Login boxes. You will be prompted to enter the e-mail address that you are registered with, and we will then send you a link which allows you to easily change your password.

2. Course Information - Choosing a Course

To find out about a particular course, click on the i icon next to the course name

Information Icon

This will open a new window which gives you information about the course:

Course Information

When you have finished looking at the information about that course, press the "Close this window" button to close that window, or press the X in the corner of the window to close it. You may continue and look at the information about as many different courses as you like.

Once you have seen a course which you like, click on its name and then click on "Add to Basket" to purchase it.

Course Name

3. Registering

To create a new account with us, fill out the fields under "register here for a free account" on this page.


We need your Chambers or Firm details to put on your  certificate, paid invoices and to identify you to the Bar Standards Board, Solicitors Regulation Authority or ILEX when we confirm that you have completed your training. After you have completed these details, you will see a confirmation screen like this:

Email Confirmed

If you click on the courses link, you will be taken back to a list of courses so that you may sign up for the ones that you wanted to do:

Course List

Click on the name of the course, and you will be taken to a screen showing the information about the course.

4. Purchasing a Course

The course information screen looks like this:

Sign Up for Course

The screen shows the details about the course, its cost, and the number of CPD hours which the course qualifies for. To pay online for the course, click on "Add to Basket" which places it in the virtual basket.

If you are not logged in, or are a new customer, you will be prompted to login or register with us.

Basket no login


Once you are logged in, then you will see the course that you have added to the basket in the Shopping Basket page.

Basket Logged in

The summary will tell you how many hours you need to purchase  in order to qualify for any of our discount offers (if you are interested in them). To purchase more courses, either click on the number of hours highlighted, or in the bottom right of the screen where it says "Click here to continue shopping". You can repeat this to purchase as many courses as you like before finally going to pay.

Once you are ready to pay, enter your credit or debit card details and billing address into our secure payment system. You will get an opportunity to review the transaction before you complete it.


On the review page, check that the courses and your personal and card details are all correct.

Basket review

You can purchase more courses by clicking on "Click here to continue shopping" in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also click on the "Back" button.

Once you are happy with the contents of your shopping basket, click on "Submit Order" to proceed with the payment process.

Payment Authentication - Additional Security for your Card:

At Legal Training, we take your security very seriously. That's why we use the latest technology to secure your online transactions.

Alternative Payment Methods

At Legal Training, we believe in offering you the most secure way of paying for your courses. For that reason, in addition to our own secure shopping basket system, we also offer you alternative payment methods.

We accept payment by cheque or bank transfer -  please see here for details .

Alternatively, you can using a Paypal account or by credit or debit card with Paypal, a recognised payment partner, where you can be assured of the latest and best internet security. This provides you with another method of paying for courses using a credit card or debit card in a few easy steps.


When you click on the Paypal button, you will be taken to a screen which looks similar to this. Note, it may not look identical since PayPal sometimes change their page layout.

Paypal Step 1

PayPal offer the ability to set up an account to send and receive money over the web. If you already have one of those then you can sign in, and you probably are used to the next steps anyway. If you do not have an account with PayPal, you can create one if you want to to speed up future purchases, but you really don't have to. To continue without creating a PayPal account, click on the "Secure Checkout" button

Secure Checkout Button

This will then take you to a screen which looks like this:

Paypal Details

You will see a padlock icon in the bottom corner of your web browser, which indicates that this is a secure transaction. That means that your credit card details are secure and can not be stolen during this transaction. Enter your credit card details and your personal details (some will already be populated for you by us). These details are all required to confirm that you are indeed the owner of the credit card. When you have entered those details, you will be taken to a confirmation screen:

Paypal Confirmation

This screen confirms the amount including VAT, and confirms which course you are signing up for. Click the Pay button to complete the transaction. PayPal will then authorize the payment, and take you to a final screen when that has been completed, which looks like this:

Paypal Authorized

Once you reach this screen, you can click on the "Click here to enter your course" button to immediately access the course which you have signed up for. When you press that button, you will be taken to the course screen.

5. The Course

Once you have signed up for the course, you will always be able to find it on your personalised homepage (when you are logged in) under "My Recent Courses".

Personalised Home Page

The "My Recent Courses" box, shows you which courses you have already purchased (and gives you the dates that you registered for them). It tells you if you have successfully completed the assessments, and the date of that completion, or specifies "Not Completed" if you have yet to complete the assessment. If you have successfully completed the assessment, then you can click on the certificate icon there for a printable copy of your Course Completion Certificate, and we would appreciate it if you would submit a review of the course, to assist others in their course selection. 

The "My Recent Courses" box lists your courses in order, showing the 10 most recently purchased courses, if you wish to see more than 10, then click on "Full List" (in the bottom right hand corner of the box) to see all of the courses that you have purchased with us over the years. The courses are listed  in order, those with outstanding assessments appear at the top of the list, followed by the completed courses.

My Recent Courses

To start working on a course, simply click on its name and you will  then be taken to the course screen, which looks like this:

Course Screen

Each course consists of several lessons. You access each lesson by clicking on its name:


This will take you to the content of each lesson, which looks like this:

Lesson Details

There will be multiple pages of each lesson. Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of each screen to work through them.

When you have completed the lessons, you should move on to take the final assessment. These assessments are required by the various professional bodies to ensure that courses have been undertaken. To do this, you click on the End of Course Assessment link on the course page. 


This will take you to a screen like this:


Click on the "Attempt quiz now" button to take the assessment. You can take the assessment as many times as you need to get all of the answers right. The actual assessment screen looks like this:

Assessment 2

Enter your answers for the assessment, then click the button at the bottom of the screen to submit the answers for scoring. The system will then show you a screen with your right and wrong answers on it like this:

Assessment 3

Don't worry if you get some wrong. You can try again. When you have answered all of the questions correctly, for barristers the Bar Standards Board will be notified  by e-mail that you have completed the training. The Solicitors Regulation Authority and ILEX do not require us to notify them of your completion of each course, although we do keep records for them.

Once you have successfully completed the assessment, you can access a Completion Certificate on our website, which you can print out for your records. One way to do this is to click on the certificate icon in the "My Recent Courses" box on your personalised homepage. Alternatively, you can find a complete list of certificates in the "My Account" section.

Main Menu

The Main Menu box is located on the left hand side of your personalised home page. At the bottom of the list, you can find the "My Account" option, which takes you to a personalised list of your profile details, registered courses, invoices and certificates, as well as any vouchers that you have earned for referring a friend to us.

Once you click on "My Account" you can use the tabs to choose which option you wish to view. This first screen shot shows you the "My Courses" tab, which provides you with the same information as you will find in the "My Recent Courses" box on your personalised homepage.

My Account Courses

If you are looking for a complete record of your certificates, then click on the "Certificates" tab under "My Account".

My Account Certificates

This tab shows you all of your Completion Certificates at a glance, so you can see exactly when you successfully completed each course's assessment. Click on the course title to see the certificate and you can then print it out for your records.

6. Other


If you want a "paid" invoice for the course, click on the "Invoice..." link on the course page. This will take you to a page showing your  paid invoice, which you can print out for your records. To get back from that page to the course, just press the Back button on your browser.

Alternatively, go to "My Account" and then click on the "Invoices" tab to see a complete list of all invoices for courses that you have purchased from us.

My Account Invoices

Simply click on the course title that you are interested in to view that invoice. You can then print it out for your records.

Printable Page:

If you want to print the entire course out, for example to read it while you are on the way to Court, there is a "Printable Page" button on each course which takes you to a web page which is suitable for printing. To get back from that page to the course, just press the Back button on your browser.

Feedback & Reviews:

Please feel free to submit feedback to us, via the link at the end of each course, or in your "My Recent Courses" box.

We publish the star ratings and brief comments on the website to assist other course users in selecting courses.

For solicitors we ask you to complete the Solicitors' Regulation Authority Feedback form, which is part of our continued accreditation by them.  The non-SRA Feedback form can be used by any customer to provide us with feedback. Equally, we always welcome feedback by e-mail to if you prefer.

If there is anything which we have not covered here then please feel free to contact us for help at

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